Energetic improvements in thermal head plants


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Our products


MECET S.L. has its own workshops as well as expertise staff in manufacturing all its equipments.

ICONHeat Recovery Water tube Boilers

            Natural circulation
            Forced circulation

ICONHeat Recovery Fire tube Boilers

            Steel tubes with steel fins
            Steel tubes with cast-iron fins
            Bare tubes
ICONAir heaters

ICONHeat exchangers


ICONHot and reheat water generators

ICONBoiler components
            Boiler banks
            Steam drums

ICONBy-transfer systems

ICONManufacturing of ducts, hoppers, chimneys

ICONBoiler panels

ICONManufacture and assembly of fluid networks

ICONPressure vessels



All the pressure vessels supplied by Mecet are designed and manufactured with the code required by our customers (ASME, CODAP, TEMA, EN, AD-MERKBLÄTTER, ETC…) as well as the European requirement of CE stamp.

MECET S.L. has its own technologies and quality standards to the manufacture of all its equipments.