Design and manufacture of heat recovery equipment and pressure equipment


PRODUCTs and services

Tubular Heat Exchangers

  • Feedwater Preheaters, Condensers, water/water, water/gases …
  • All TEMA designs
  • Unrestricted flows, pressures or temperatures


  • Tubes / carbon steel fins /stainless steel / allow steel
  • Cast iron fins
  • Gases: Natural Gas/ Fuel Oil/ Biomass
  • All kind of dimensions and pressures

Air Heaters

  • Finned Tubes/ bare tubes
  • Carbon steel/ stainless steel


  • All kind of status and dimensions
  • Spray scrubber type

Boiler Water Tube Pannels

  • Carbon steel/ allow steel.
  • All kind of bends

Economizers/ Bare Tube Reheaters

Carbon Steel/ allow steel / stainless steel / refractary.

Heat Recovery Water Tube Boilers

  • Natural Circulation. (32T/h steam, 20Kg/cm2 310ºC)
  • Forced Circulation(16 T/h steam, 10 Kg/cm2 saturated).

Heat Recovery Fire Tube Boiler

Thermal Fluid Boilers

Finned tubes.